Welcome to Skin Boss Australia. Home of natural, nourishing Australian owned and made skincare.

Created by husband and wife team Kirsten and Scott Smith, originally to help with Kirsten’s own skin issues, Skin Boss Australia is now helping thousands of women (and men) Australia wide and throughout New Zealand with their skin care needs.

In 2015 Kirsten was diagnosed with a rare condition known as IIH –  Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension. Left untreated, Kirsten faced the very real possibility of losing her eye sight.

A cocktail of medication was prescribed to prevent this from happening which left Kirsten’s skin severely dehydrated.  Frustrated at not being able to find products capable of adequately hydrating and nourishing her skin, Kirsten decided to create her own!

Armed with a brief of exactly what she wanted in a product, Kirsten asked her husband Scott for blending and production assistance. With nearly 20 years experience creating and blending products for the automotive industry, Scott set about meeting Kirsten’s request – to use his extensive blending knowledge to develop a natural skincare product for her.

One that would nourish and hydrate her skin. Preferably one with a small list of ingredients that belonged on her face and not in a chemistry set.

Get Up and Glow was the result. A luxurious day face oil  made from 100% plant oils specifically chosen for their ability to nourish and hydrate the skin.

Sleep On It soon followed. A luxe night oil blend, gently infused with lavender and chamomile essential oils to not only nourish the skin but also relax the mind, while drifting off to sleep.

Kirsten began using both the day and night face oils straight away and after only a few weeks of use, family and friends (and a few strangers!) began noticing an improvement in her skin and asking what products she was using.

Kirsten soon realised the face oils she had initially asked her husband to develop for her own skin needs, would also be able to help other women (and men) hydrate and nourish their skin too!

And so, Skin Boss Australia was launched to the public on 7th July 2017.
Skin Boss Australia natural nourishing Australian skincare

Drawing on her many years experience as an award winning blogger/influencer, Kirsten developed and implemented a pre-launch social media campaign which generated a wait list of over 300 Skin Boss customers.

Stock sold out within 24 hours of the Skin Boss Australia online store launching  and within a week of operation, the customer reviews began rolling in.


Kirsten-Smith-Skin Boss Australia founderKirsten is a former early childhood teacher, turned award winning fashion and lifestyle blogger/influencer and most importantly, founder of Skin Boss.

Kirsten enjoys spending time with her husband (and business partner) and their two teenage children.  Being near the ocean, traveling, a good cup of coffee and an even better glass of champagne also rate highly on Kirsten’s spare time to-do lists.

Kirsten is an experienced, confident and entertaining  public speaker, event host and MC. To enquire about booking her for your next event or to interview Kirsten about the success of Skin Boss, please visit the Skin Boss Contact Us page.

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