SKIN BOSS contacts

Kirsten – The Boss.

Get in touch with her for all the things. If she can’t answer your question, she’ll forward it on to someone who can.

Scott – He’s in charge of production, sales and heavy lifting.

Want to enquire about wholesale pricing? Have some fancy packaging you think we might like? Need a piano lifted up a flight of stairs next Saturday? Flick Scott an email.

He’ll be able to help with almost all of those things.

Sarah – Our awesome assistant who handles everything customer service related.

Email Sarah for anything order related and she’ll get it sorted for you quicker than you can say, “Wow SKIN BOSS. Your customer service is exceptional!”

SKIN BOSS socials

We’re nothing if not social. Come and join us over on Facebook or Instagram. We love a good chat and offer some great bargains there too. See you there!