body oil citrus blend


Say hello to our Body Oil Citrus Blend. A luxurious blend of beautiful plant based natural oils combined with an energising mix of citrus essential oils.

Lightweight and easily absorbed into the skin, Skin Boss Body Oil Citrus Blend leaves the skin feeling nourished and hydrated while the mind is uplifted and invigorated. It’s a fabulous body oil to use first thing in the morning and just quietly, it smells AMAZING.

Proudly created and blended for you in Brisbane, Australia.

115mL/1.01 fl.oz


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Jojoba Oil: A highly absorbent, nourishing and healing oil, jojoba oil has the unique ability to mimic the skin’s natural oils and penetrate deep into the skin layers.  Bursting with an array of vitamins, fatty acids and powerful antioxidant properties, jojoba oil is hypoallergenic (suitable for all skin types) and antibacterial.

Almond Oil: Light in texture and rich in vitamins E, A and B, almond oil is renowned for relieving dry, itchy and inflamed skin. It’s hypoallergenic (suitable for all skin types) and the fatty acids in almond oil are a natural emollient for the skin, helping to lock in moisture by forming a protective barrier. This is especially effective for conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis or rosacea.

Coconut Oil: With the ability to absorb into the skin quickly and deeply, coconut oil is a powerful natural moisturiser that helps replenish and restore dry or flaking skin.

Kukui Oil: A natural moisturiser that has been used for centuries in Hawaii, Kukui Oil contains essential fatty acids + vitamins A, C and E – antioxidants known to protect the skin and prevent free-radical damage to the skin cells. Kukui oil penetrates the skin easily, leaving the skin feeling silky and smooth.

Lemongrass Essential Oil

Lime Essential Oil

Geranium Essential Oil

Bergamot Essential Oil

How to use

Gently massage desired amount into skin as required.

If using generous amounts, ensure Body Oil is absorbed before dressing.


SkinBoss beauty - paraben free, sulfate free, cruelty free






Additional information

Weight130 g


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